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Why we built Site Fixer

Written by andrewpalmer

1st April 2021

As avid users and commenters on Web Site Hosting and design Facebook groups, we could see a trend.

“Can anyone help with this issue, my site is down and I don’t know what to do”. I am getting 500 errors and I need some help to fix it”. My Page builder won’t automatically update and if I manually update it, it breaks my layout, please help”!
Of course, Facebook groups and the like are there for people to ask questions, seek free advice and help from community members and generally, its pretty much expected that the help is free and supplied in good faith.

As Site Fixers for over 5 years now, we can tell when an issue is simple and a comment or a simple ‘nudge’ in the right direction (google is your friend) most people can fix issues in a heartbeat.

However, there are times when an issue cannot be fixed easily or more importantly, quickly!

As web site developers, we set up around 5 websites a month as a minimum across a variety of platforms – mostly WordPress but we do perform site installs and builds for Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and bootstrap HTML sites too.

We set up servers across country lines and have developers in 3 continents able to jump on your issue quickly and cost effectively.

Here’s an example:


My Site server is full, I cannot login to my site and the host says I must upgrade to their Pro Plan as I have run out of space. This will cost me another $300 a year, I simply cannot afford this much for my small business.


We logged into their host panel and found that the error log for php was over 200gb. We cleared the log and the site was fixed. However, there was still an issue with the error log getting so big. So, we investigated further. It turned out that a plugin was creating php errors every few seconds. It would not be long before the error log was full again and the same issue appeared. The plugin had not been updated in a while and it was bought via a marketplace and the user had let their account lapse. We suggested buying it again as it had an important update which addressed the php errors issue and for a total cost of $100 the customer had solved the issue. An immediate nett saving of $200 and an annual saving of $250 if you take into account the plugin subscription.


Page builder refuses to load. I have tried everything!


Inspect the page builder version, update and update to php 7 – total time taken, less than one hour and the customer was able to edit their site again. Of course, during this process we took a full back up of the site loaded it on our fast, totally up to date server instances and did all the updates to the site before doing it on live to fix the issue.

The examples shown are simple issues as far as we are concerned. We have also helped people restore their site when a developer/client relationship goes sour (it happens unfortunately) or, a host inexplicably deletes a site from their servers for non-payment – That happens more than you would care to know!

Because of our experience as support people, we know how to talk to support people, we give them an opportunity to explain their side and we then offer solutions that we know they can do with a little bit of effort and maybe even a small charge to access an archive. Simply put, we know how to be nice to support staff and we can be as we are not emotionally involved in the way a client who just lost their site is.

Our calm, no nonsense approach has helped over 500 customers solve issues that were beyond their skill set – even experienced developers use our services because they know we know servers inside and out.

So, if you have an issue on website that you can’t solve, don’t have time to solve or are simply to emotionally invested in to take a calm approach to problem solving, please do get in touch, we love to help.

There is no risk in using our services as we only take payment after we have fixed your issue and, if we cannot fix it, we do not take payment at all.

We built Site Fixer as a business to be helpful, with low costs and to be a part of a fantastic community that in 99% of cases helps you fix issues for free. The 1% that need a premium, fast fix – are welcome to try us out, risk free.

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