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Why Backups are important

Written by Colin Falcon

1st November 2020

Backing up your website can be done either manually by you or automatically by your web host or via a Maintenance plan like the ones we provide here at Sitefixer. So you ask “why do I need to take backups anyway?”

Below are just some of the reasons why you should take regular backups.

Update/Plugin issues

A good as they are no theme/plugin developer can guarantee that a major update is compatible with every other theme/plugin out there, it’s just not feasible. You only have to look on the social media platforms after major update is released for WooCommerce for example and see the plethora of posts similar to the one below:

“The latest Woo update has destroyed my site! What do I do?”

The same goes for plugins, not all plugins will play nicely together, and an errant plugin can take your site down/cause major issues as soon as you activate it, so it’s best practice to at least take a database backup at minimum before you add any new plugins to your site.

User Error/Hosting Errors

“We’re only human, we make mistakes” as the saying goes, and it’s true, we do make mistakes. Imagine the scenario, you ask an inexperienced user to add a new Blog post/Product to your website, or move some Blog posts/Products to a different category, and they delete them instead!

Can you get them back?

Maybe your web host decides to upgrade the database server and it crashes during the upgrade and corrupts your website’s database. The database is the heart of your website, without it the website won’t even load.

Can you get it back?

Yes to both of the above scenarios, if you take regular backups, you can restore the most recent back and get everything back.

The Dreaded Hacker

Sadly websites that don’t have some form of security running on them like Wordfence or something similar will be targeted by hackers. Assuming “Oh it won’t happen to me, I don’t need security or backups” is the wrong mindset. It’s more a case of ‘when not ‘if’ if you don’t plan ahead, and depending on the amount of damage that’s been done to your site sometimes paying to get the site fixed is not financially viable.

However, restoring a known ‘clean’ backup, installing some security software if you don’t already have any, and changing all logins can have your site up & running again pretty quickly.

Migrating to a new web host

There may come a time when for whatever reason you decide to change web hosts, and unfortunately some web hosts are less helpful with this process than others. However if you already have a recent database and file system backup you, or your Developer can have your website up & running on the new web host in no time at all.

The old adage always rings true, “If you can’t afford to lose it Back It Up!”

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