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Sticky Update Button

Written by andrewpalmer

24th February 2021

We have used WordPress for years and years and one of the most annoying things is that when writing a long post – that dang update button is RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE YOU ARE EDITING!

So, we built a plugin to fix that. We noticed in the WP Org repository a plugin that adds it to the top dashboard menu but really, we wanted it exactly where it was but – ya know, always there.

So, when you are writing long content, you can not only see where the update button is – it’s on the right hand side – but, you can access it from anywhere within the page. It’s particular handy when updating products in Woocommerce too as the products page when editing it is really long.

This version is free but, look out for a premium item (about 3 bucks) Where you can toggle where you want the update button to be on the page, either, side bar, top bar or footer. IN any event, enjoy this free version and tell your friends. If you’re worried about payload of yet another plugin, its about 16kb – so it’s basically tiny!




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