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My Host provides back up, why do you charge me extra

Most of the major host store backups on the same server as your website – so, if you get hacked, it breaks or the server goes down. You cannot access your backups. Hence we use ‘offsite’ backups using Blogvault our preferred supplier.

Will you keep my site safely up to date

We access and get advanced warnings of site hacks, latest virus news and various back doors that plugins can be vulnerable to. We add a Firewall and harden your site against 99% of these as a standard feature. Other threats are dealt with as soon as we know about them. Our job is to keep your site safe and let you get on with doing what you do best.

How do I Pay

We use a direct Debit system so you never miss a payment – all payments are taken via a third party to ensure our PCI compliance and if you have any need to dispute our charges you are covered by your credit card company for up to 180 days. We also offer a no quibble refund if you are not happy – to date – we have not had to do this on over 1,000 fixes.

Do you recommend hosting services

We use and recommend many hosts. UK, USA and the rest of World. We look at your site content, traffic and stats and recommend the best for you and only you. We never take a generic view. All our hosting plans are based on what you need not on what we make the most money on.

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