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Create a sub domain in cPanel

Written by Colin Falcon

11th March 2021

There’s a reason a cPanel hosting account is so popular, that’s because it is relatively easy to use and comes with many options and functionalities by default. However you have to know what you’re doing, up to a certain extent, to benefit from all these options.

If you’ve never used cPanel before it can appear a little overwhelming, so here at Sitefixer we’ll provide some walk through videos on certain aspects to help you along, like the video below on setting up a sub domain.

So why would you set up a sub domain? The two most popular reasons are:
1 – To have a copy of your site on so you can test plugin/theme updates to see if anything breaks before updating them on your Live site
2 – To build a different/newer version of your site whilst still having the original live during the process

You can find the full cPanel documentation HERE



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